Words On Music: Essay In Honor Of Andrew Porter


David Rosen

354 pp.

2 illustrations

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In this extraordinary tribute to one who has been called the greatest music critic of our time, a group of illustrious scholars have written essays on those subjects of deepest concern to their colleague and friend, Andrew Porter. Ranging through the world of opera, from its Italian precursors to Stravinsky, our contributors, including such notables as Winton Dean, Philip Gossett, John Roberts, and Daniel Heartz, to mention only a few, have dealt with questions of literary attribution, poetic construction in librettos, and performance histories. In addition, three prominent musicians have composed special birthday greetings for inclusion in the volume. Well-known in America for his twenty-year stint at the New Yorker, Porter now resides in London, writing for The Times Literary Supplement. A complete bibliography of his collected writings and articles is included in this indispensable volume.


David Rosen