Valentin Haussmann (1565/70 – ca. 1614)


A Thematic-Documentary Catalogue of His Works

Klaus Peter Koch
Robert Lynn


391 pp.

1 illustrations

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Valentin Haussmann was a highly regarded composer in his time whose works had great popular appeal and were frequently reprinted anthologized and copied in lute or keyboard arrangements. His extensive travels and pioneering spirit led him to search out interesting repertories such as Italian villanellas, canzonettas, and balletti which he published with his own German texts, as well as Polish dances which he heard in East Prussia. The main body of this catalogue is organized by musical sources as in RISM series A (printed sacred, secular, and instrumental and occasional works), expanded to include manuscript sources, lost works, works in seventeenth-century collections, works edited by Haussmann with his own German texts, modern manuscript copies, and works by other composers using Haussmann’s melodies or texts. Many sources listed as lost in recent bibliographies have been located and are included here. Title pages, dedications, laudatory poems, and letters are transcribed in full, and Cantus incipits are provided in musical notation. Additional sections include an Index of First Lines, two indexes of Cantus incipits (one indicating pitches and rhythms, the other interval progression), a listing of works in modern editions, and an extensive bibliography. This catalogue is a basic research tool for anyone investigating the history of German music at the beginning of the seventeenth century.


Klaus Peter Koch

Robert Lynn: