Topical Guide To Schenkerian Literature


David Carson Berry

596 pp.

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To the growing list of Pendragon Press publications devoted to the work of Heinrich Schenker, we wish to announce the addition of this much-needed bibliography, an extremely useful tool for music-theory research. The author, a student of Allen Forte, has created a work useful to a wide range of researchersпїЅ music theorists, musicologists, music librarians and teachers.

The Guide is largest Schenkerian reference work ever published. At nearly 600 pages, it contains 3600 entries (2200 principal, 1400 secondary) representing the work of 1475 authors. It is organized according to a wide variety of topics. Fifteen broad groupings encompass seventy topical headings, many of which are divided and subdivided again, resulting in a total of 271 headings under which entries are collected.

The advantage of this organizational system is twofold. First, it obviously facilitates finding sources appropriate to the investigation at hand. Second, because of the topical hierarchies employed, whereby one can first find a broader heading and then gradually narrow the focus to a unit of perhaps very few entries (or do the reverseпїЅexpand from a specific to a more general focus), this bibliography is conducive to what I hold to be an indispensable component of the research processпїЅbrowsing. As an analogy, consider the serendipitous discoveries many scholars have made due to their librariesпїЅ topical classification schemes. That is, while searching the stacks for a particular book, one often finds another bookпїЅpreviously unknown, but with a similar call number and thus only a few inches awayпїЅthat is perhaps more useful than the book originally sought. I have attempted to replicate that beneficial experience, as much as possible, by organizing this bibliography not chronologically nor alphabetically, but principally by nested topical headings . . . (p. 1).



David Carson Berry: