The Historical Harpsichord Vol. 2: The Metallurgy of Harpsichord Strings


A Monograph Series in Honor of Frank Hubbard

Martha Goodway
Howard Schott


155 pp.

3 illustrations

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One of the central mysteries of the craft of harpsichord-making involves the choice of stringing material. Years of research by a number of distinguished scientists under the guidance of senior authors Jay Scott Odell Chief Conservator and Martha Goodway Metallurgist of the Smithsonian Institution have resulted in a pioneering study of the metallurgy of 17th-and 18th-century music wire. Drawing on the scientific resources and expertise of a number of leading institutions these researchers have been able to analyze samples of antique stringing material often of only microscopic size. Their conclusions add significantly to our understanding and appreciation of the tonal qualities of the historical harpsichord and will further the efforts of today’s instrument makers to recreate them.


Martha Goodway

Howard Schott: