The Boston School of Harpsichord Building


Reminiscences of William Dowd, Eric Herz and Frank Hubbard by the People Who Knew and Worked with Them

Mark Kroll, Editor

November 26, 2018

165 pp.

9 illustrations


137 pp.

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The Boston School of Harpsichord Building: William Dowd, Eric Herz and Frank Hubbard Reminiscences and Reflections From the Builders Who Worked With Them Edited by Mark Kroll The Boston School of Harpsichord Building was more than just a craft or business; it was a concept, a philosophy and an ideal. Founded in 1949 by William Dowd and Frank Hubbard, and joined by Eric Herz several years later, these three pioneers set out to build harpsichords in the styles of the great makers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They succeeded, perhaps beyond their wildest dream, and over a period of fifty years produced more than 1,000 instruments, effectively transforming the harpsichord landscape in America and throughout much of the world. This book tells the story of these pioneers in the words of the people who lived it: their apprentices. These men and women worked in the Dowd, Herz and Hubbard shops, learned how to build a harpsichord from them, and shared their philosophy and passion for the instrument. Many would go on to become distinguished builders in their own right, continuing in the tradition of their masters. Each has a unique and personal perspective on one of the most dynamic periods in the history of harpsichord making.


Mark Kroll, Editor: