Mediterranean Culture and Troubadour Music


Zoltan Falvy


217 pp.

91 illustrations

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Mediterranean Culture and Troubadour Music by Zoltan Falvy. The volume gives an account of the origins of troubadour music and the development of European secular music. It focuses on the Spanish cantiga manuscript and the troubadour manuscript group. A significant part of the book deals with the Arab thesis modifying the theory by asserting that Arabic poetry was but one of the mediterranean influences on the troubadours. In an important chapter the author examines with musical orientation the social history of the 13th century period of Alphonse the Wise. A special chapter is de- voted to the clarification of the role of the heretic movements. The stylistical analysis of all the extant melodies of Peire Vidal and Gaucelm Faidit brings out the interesting discovery that troubadour music has archaic features that may be close to European folk music. Zoltan Falvy’s book has a completely new approach to troubadour music demonstrating that court music adapted to court poetry has a structure independent of the poem.



Zoltan Falvy: