Neo-Mythologism in Music


From Scriabin and Schoenberg to Schnittke and Crumb

Victoria Adamenko


299 pp.

1 illustrations

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“This investigation aims to demonstrate how it is much more rewarding to view quintessential Western composers in a culturally non-purist and non-exclusive context rather than insist on incongruity of independent cultural experiences. It has customarily been hard to overcome the divisions between the mind of a highly sophisticated art-musician and the mind of an aboriginal maker of music myth and ritual. Both neo-mythologism and neo-ritualism of the twentieth century clearly provide foundations for transcending the cultural borders. The role of mythification in compositional processes has remained outside the main focus of musicology. This book examines the different aspects of composersпїЅ thoughtsпїЅfrom philosophical views and theoretical systems to operatic librettos and the musical fabric itself including form pitch organization and instrumentation.” (From the Introduction)


Victoria Adamenko

Victoria Adamenko was born in Donetsk, Ukraine, in 1965. She graduated from Gnesin Music Institute in Moscow, Russia, in 1990. While in the Soviet Union, Adamenko worked as a critic for Russian Musical Newspaper, providing interviews with contemporary composers and covering current musical events, such “Moscow Authumn” festival. At the same time, she studied mythology, semiotics and various interrelationships between mythology and music. She immigrated to the United States in 1991, where she continued to study both musicology, mythology, and Jung, receiving her Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 2000. Adamenko helped organize Schnittke Festival in New Jersey and interviewed George Crumb with the purpose of researching the role of mythology in composers’ thought. Adamenko presented her research at the national meeting of the AMS, International Jung conferences and congresses on musical semiotics, Schnittke conferences, and other venues. She published articles in American Music, Journal of Musicological Research and in semiotic journals. Adamenko taught research in music and other disciplines at the University of West Florida and University of Southern Mississippi.