Musical Aesthetics: An Historical Reader Vol. II


The Nineteenth Century

Edward Lippman

469 pp.

0 illustrations

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The second volume of this anthology of musical aesthetics proceeds from the rational common-sense examination of the 18th-century artistic experience to the realm of 19th-century expressiveness. The rational foundation of aesthetics gave way to an emphasis on an art form’s strength of feeling and expressive power a purity of the creation and the creator. No longer confined to a restricted sense of beauty music admitted the violent the enormous and the ugly into its sphere of emotion now the era of romanticism and Sturm und Drang. These developments are here detailed in the writings of Wackenroder Herder Thibaut Schelling Hegel Schopenhauer Kirkegaard Wagner Hanslick Ambros Nietzsche Spencer Gurney and Haussegger. Through them we see the classical province of proportion educated taste and contained expressiveness recede and the emotional realism of music come to the fore.


Edward Lippman:


Professor Emeritus Edward Lippman retired from Columbia University after a long and distinguished career as a leading scholar of musical aesthetics. His most recent work, /The Philosophy and Aesthetics of Music /(University of Nebraska Press, 1999) has met with esteem and critical praise.