Musica Franca


Essays in Honor of Frank A. D’Accone

Alyson McLamore


666 pp.

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Musica Franca: Essays in Honor of Frank A. D’Accone pays tribute to one of the leading scholars of Renaissance music on the occasion of his sixtyпїЅfifth birthday. With an introduction by Lewis Lockwood, the collection of essays is wideпїЅranging, a `musica franca’ befitting the interests of the international circles of colleagues who contributed to this volume. Nino Pirotta opens the section on “Florentine Renaissance,” followed by Bonnie J. Blackburn, Anthony M. Cummings, and Francesco Luisi. Music of the Italian Renaissance is the focus of “Archival Studies” and of “Madrigal and Carnival Song” with contributions by Tim Carter, Colleen Reardon, Arnaldo Morelli, James Haar, William F. Prizer, and Dinko Fabris. The essays on “Italian Opera” range from seventeenthпїЅcentury Venice (Irene Alm) to eighteenthпїЅcentury Florence (William C. Holmes) to a comparison of Rossini and Bellini (Paolo Fabbri). Issues of “Performance Practice” in both vocal and instrumental repertoires are examined by Alyson M. d’Amore, Keith Polk, John Walter Hill, and Don HarrпїЅn. In “Manuscript Studies,” Fabio Carboni, Agostino Zino, JeanпїЅMichel Vaccaro, and Richard Charteris analyze primary sources from the fourteenth through the seventeenth centuries. Finally, Daniel Heartz, H. Colin Slim, and Owen Jander explore the relationship between “Music and Image” in sixteenth-century France, seventeenthпїЅcentury Italy, and Beethoven’s Vienna. This impressive collection of essays is a fitting celebration for a noted scholar.


Alyson McLamore