Music Theory from Boethius to Zarlino


A Bibliography and Guide

C. Matthew Balensuela


388 pp.

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Music Theory from Boethius to Zarlino is a companion volume to Music Theory from Zarlino to Schenker: A Bibliography and Guide by David Damschroder and David Russell Williams (Harmonologia No. 4 Pendragon Press). Like the previous work the goal of the volume is to create a logically organized introduction to the major theorists of the time and a thorough review of the scholarly work about these writers. While specialists in the history of music theory may find new materials in these pages this work is primarily designed for the non-specialist as a practical and basic introduction to the treatises people and scholarship of Medieval and Renaissance theory.


C. Matthew Balensuela:


Co-author with David Russell Williams of Music Theory from Boethius to Zarlino: A Bibliography and Guide (Pendragon Press, 2007), which won the Duckles Award from the Music Library Association. He is also the editor of a new edition and translation of the Ars cantus mensurabilis mensurata per modos iuris (University of Nebraska Press, 1994). His scholarhip and reviews have appeared in The New Grove Dictionary of Music, A ReaderпїЅs Guide to Music, Rivista internazionale di dritto comune, Acta Musicologica, The Journal of Musicological Research and the essay collection Vitalizing Music History Teaching. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Music History Pedagogy and is Professor of Muisc at DePauw University.