Music in Society


A Guide to the Sociology of Music revised edition in English

Ivo Supicic


502 pp.

0 illustrations

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The subject of this study has two distinct but not unrelated aspects: first an investigation into the sociology of music as an autonomous and specialized discipline; and second an examination of certain fundamental facts that may be considered within the purview of the sociology of music itself. If an analysis and study─even a preliminary one─of these facts is to be properly focused and fruitful we must first try to determine the subject and methods of the sociology of music its position and boundaries in respect to musicology and most especially its relation to the aesthetics of music and music history. It is equally indispensable to ascertain what the sociology of music as a separate scholarly discipline embraces where its investigation leads and finally to establish its position vis-a-vis sociology in general. (From the Author’s Introduction.)


Ivo Supicic: