Instrumental Music of G.B. Pergolesi


Marvin Paymer

107 pp.

0 illustrations

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It is not surprising considering Pergolesi’s extraordinary posthumous fame and the demand for his music in the latter half of the eighteenth century that most of the instrumental works published and performed at the time under his name were by other composers and written after his death. Actually only 5 of 63 independent instrumental attributions are undoubtedly authentic and they are presented here: Sinfonia a Violoncello Solo (F major); Sonata [harpsichord] (A major); Sonata per organo (F major); Sonata di Violino e Basso (G major); and Concerto di Violino Solo con piпїЅ Strumenti (B-flat major). The introduction (by the editor Marvin E. Paymer) lists all instrumental works including spurious and doubtful ones as well as adaptations.


Marvin Paymer