Guitar Methods 1760-1860


An Annotated Bibliography

Erik Stenstadvold


230 pp.

0 illustrations

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“This comprehensive bibliographical study describes more than 300 different methods for guitar by some 200 authors. A large number of publications are recorded here for the first time. The book is the result of extensive research visits to numerous libraries in Europe and the USA as well as many important private collections.



Erik Stenstadvold

A guitarist and a noted authority on nineteenth-century guitar music and performing practice. His extensive research has led to the rediscovery of many lost or forgotten guitar compositions from that period. He has played an important role in the revival of the French guitarist-composer Antoine de Lhoyer, been adviser and co-editor of other editions of nineteenth-century guitar music, and written a number of scholarly articles in various journals. He is also a contributor to the New Grove. Erik Stenstadvold was born in Oslo in 1948. He studied the guitar with John Williams at the Royal College of Music, London, and the lute with Eugen Dombois, Basel. He received his musicological training at the University of Oslo. Stenstadvold is Professor at Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, where he teaches the guitar and courses in general performing practice.