Free Composition (Text)


Vol. III of New Musical Theories and Fantasies, Part 1: Text

Ernst Oster


190 pp.

1 illustrations

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The first two volumes of Heinrich Schenker’s masterwork Neue Musikalische Theorien und Phantasien, Harmonielehren (1906), and Kontrapunkt (1910 and 1922), laid the foundations for the harmonic aspect of his theory. The specific voice-leading component was a later development, progressing with brilliance over the last 15 years of his life. It is in Free Composition (Freie Satz, 1935) that the idea of voice-leading receives its most detailed and precise formulation.

Pendragon Press is honored to make this distinguished reprint available once again, with a new preface by Carl Schacter.

For the set of two volumes see PP #555, Free Composition (Set).


Ernst Oster: