Encomium Musicae


A Festschrift in Honor of Robert J. Snow

G. Grayson Wagstaff


775 pp.

1 illustratio

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Professor Snow’s auspicious debut in musicology came in 1958 as the author of the chapter on Old Roman chant in Willi Apel’s Gregorian Chant. He completed his doctorate at the University of Illinois in 1968, and his major faculty appointments have been at the University of Pittsburgh, University of Illinois , and University of Texas. His publications range from the medieval era to the baroque, most of them dealing with sacred music in Spain, Portugal, the Hispanic New World and eastern Europe. Encomium Musicae will present over 40 articles by scholars from seven different countries, most of them specialists in the music of Spain, Portugal, or the Hispanic New World.


G. Grayson Wagstaff: