BartпїЅk’s Chamber Music


Janos Karpati


516 pp.

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At first sight a work devoted to BartпїЅk’s chamber music looks as though it were simply concerned with a genre division attempting an exposition of no more than a single aspect of the whole oeuvre. But in BartпїЅk’s case the chamber music is not simply a matter of grouping according to genre-it is really the framework for his whole oeuvre. (From the introduction) JпїЅnos KпїЅrpпїЅti one of the outstanding scholars in the field of BartпїЅk research here presents a revised and expanded edition of his BartпїЅk’s String Quartets (Corvina Press 1975).


Janos Karpati

JпїЅnos KпїЅrpпїЅti (born 1932, Budapest), Hungarian musicologist, professor and head librarian of the Liszt Academy (University) of Music, Budapest from 1961 till 2005. He studied at the same institution with ZoltпїЅn KodпїЅly, Bence Szabolcsi and DпїЅnes Bartha, took his PhD in 1968 and DSc in 1995. He collected folk music in Morocco (1958) and in Japan (1988, 1994). He cooperated with several international projects (UnescoпїЅEastпїЅWest, Music in the Life of Man), and served 1980пїЅ1986 as vice president of the International Association of Music Libraries. From1998 till 2006 chaired the Hungarian Musicological Society. His main research fields in musicology are: BartпїЅk analysis, and Japanese traditional music. He lectured at several universities in the USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy. He represented Hungary at several international conferences (Tehran, New Delhi, Florence, Tokyo, Osaka, Detroit, Washington, Los Angeles). He was decorated by the Erkel Prize (1971), the Grand Prize of Hungarian Creative Artists (1991), the Award for Excellence of the American Liszt Society (1996), the SzпїЅchenyi Prize, JпїЅzsef EпїЅtvпїЅs Wreath (2005).